So anyone thinking of adopting from Paws Crossed - it will change your life but you must realise, like with all dogs, you need to put effort in and train the dog you choose and they will enrich your life and will be the best decision you ever make. These dogs go through so much and they are still willing to love and trust humans again.

Sandy, Somerset

Thank you so much for rescuing Bodhi and bringing her into our lives. She is such a lovely little dog who deserved a better life. I don't want to think what could have happened to my precious girl if she hadn't been rescued. You do such amazing work rescuing these beautiful souls, getting them healthy and then into loving homes. Truly making a difference in a cruel world.



Hazel and Bodhi xx

This charity is awesome, the work for the dogs is endless, the care and work for adopters and fosterers is fantastic. These dogs would be lost forever if paws crossed survivors Egypt, the care for all and any dog is ongoing and tailored for their needs.


Please find it in your hearts to donate , foster or adopt, i have been an adopter and received all the help and care i asked for, i support this charity in all ways.


Thanks for reading this review.


Lynn, Dorset xxx